The 1999 State Championships

An OK meet at Woodridge, Clinton Lake, KS - Dec. 4, 1999

NameClub Time
Long Course    
# Mark EverettOK25:54
Mikell PlattRMOC31:38
Fritz P. MenningerOK38:43
Dick NeubergerPTOC40:59
Sharon CrawfordRMOC41:39
Douglass Bass42:06
Mean Gene WeeOK42:34
Dave CoziharPTOC46:32
Clark Maxfield47:40
Mike ShifmanPTOC51:18
Bob McBrideRMOC52:44
Duck LuckermanPTOC59:14
Steve Robertson92:39
Spike EglinskiOK32:25(unoff.)
Medium Course  
Whistle Pigs53:39
Jared Ostermann55:57
# Nancy NeubergerPTOC61:07
Mark Roodhouse61:29
Joe DouglasOK65:50
Kai SiegeleSM West73:47
Joe WrightSM West100:10
Aaron LawSM West101:12
Chris PyleSM West103:12
Travis CombsSM West103:36
Jared HawkinsSM West113:50
Paul EatonSM WestDQ
Aaron SomersSM WestDQ
Sari RantanenDNF
Corey/Kyle BurksKs ANGDNF
Maria HawkinsSM WestDNF
Sean LeekSM WestDNF
Dana PrestonSM WestDNF
Natasha ValerioSM WestDNF
J D WestmarkSM WestDNF
Short Course    
Ellen SchroerOK-
Grace SchroerOK-
Don Robertson37:02
Familia OstermanDNF
Mary AnneDNF
# indicates state champion  

These results are as reported by one kind person who typed them up for distribution at the PTOC banquet and by Raymond or Gene who tallied results for early starters. The Long course is 4.5km and the medium is 3.2km. Since the chumpionship eligibility is not known for many on this list, it is not listed. I appologize for an incomplete listing of clubs. Many are unknown.